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Been using your tape now for my shoulder and it helps my bench press so much. I had to stop doing any shoulder exercises for ages, but now I'm able to do them and do bench when using your tape; really good stuff!!!! Keep it coming!
Thank you to the physio at the expo on Saturday who taped up my husbands Achilles and calf in green. 
3hours 27 mins and in good shape!
The full knee support application really helps: "It's fantastic stuff, no swollen knees and has reduced my pain!"
I ran London in 2:41:45, a PB of over 4 minutes with no discomfort/tightening of that upper hamstring. If you guys are going to be at the Frankfurt Marathon in October I’ll be sure to visit: taped in Amsterdam and London = two big PBs! Will gladly recommend the product to other runners. Thanks again


“In my final weeks of training to run the half at the San Francisco Marathon, a nagging calf injury worsened to the point where I didn’t think I was going to be able to run the race. I went to the expo two days before the race, and a representative from KT Tape taped my calf up, confidently assuring me that I would get better quickly. I was skeptical, but leaving the expo I noticed that I no longer felt the pain in my calf. Two days later I ran the half without experiencing any pain whatso ever in my calf, and I can say in all honesty that I’m now a believer!”
Ken Miller

“One of most common KT Tape applications for rugby players is quad strains. Precut strips might seem like a small thing, but when you have to tape up several rugby players, it’s a big deal.”
Carrie P.
Physiotherapist and co-owner of two physiotherapy clinics in eastern Ontario.

“I just used it for my knee yesterday during the Portland Marathon with fantastic results!! Stayed in place the whole time, and my knee feels amazing. I never get through a run without knee pain, but had zero yesterday or today. I personally think …it’s an amazing product, thanks.”
Katie Keller.

“This is an awesome product. I use it almost every day or when I have aches and pains. It works and helps with recovery.”
Jason Fujimoto.

"I was suffering recently from a painful knee that I was told was probably related to an overly tight IT Band which was pulling my knee to one side. My physio suggested that I stretch lots and try using KT Tape for the event. She applied it before the start and I ran 27 miles that day with no pain. A shower that night didn't affect it so I left it over-night and ran 32 miles the next day, again with no pain and the tape intact! Day 3 was over 30 miles again and extremely wet and although the tape was really soaked it didn't shift at all. I was tired and quite achey by the end but my knee had completely held up. I am still working on loosening up my IT Band and am hoping to strengthen it enough for the next event in November, but am planing on using your tape again."


“Thanks for your email. Yes, the tape arrived in excellent condition and arrived more quickly than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. I'm using the Tape for peroneal tendonitis and it's working amazingly well. No pain at all when I'm running! I was using the last version of the Tape, which also worked well but I never managed to get more than one run out of it, mainly because it came off in the shower. The new version lasts through at least several runs. Great product, highly recommended. Kind regards”

“The tape is great and has helped my knees enormously. I have ordered more and cannot believe the difference. I wake up in the morning with no stiffness. I don't really understand how it works but it has enabled me to do so much more. I am telling everybody including my physiotherapist, who has now ordered some rolls and is using it on other patients. Kind regards”

"I have to write to extend my gratitude for this amazing product. I left the Armed forces 10 years ago and have suffered with heel and foot pain since. I have been to my GP's who have dismissed me after x-rays for spurs etc. Anyway, reading up on what the tape was as I had seen it on the Olympics, I read the Plantar Fasciitis page and thought 'these are my symptoms'. The pain I have suffered has been so bad that pain-killers have not touched it at all. So, sceptical anything could work, I went ahead and bought some KT Tape. I had my girlfriend apply it as per the instructions on the video, and when I stood up I burst into tears. There was absolutely no pain. I was so comfortable and relieved. It may seem insignificant but I cannot thank you enough. I went to work on a night shift with plenty of walking and I have never felt so comfortable."
G - In the UK


"Hi, I just wanted to drop an email to say THANK YOU so much! I was at the London Marathon Expo on Friday and came across your stand.
After talking to a very knowlegable person (not sure whether it was you personally, although Paul Keenan's card was given to me!) I was taped across the Tibialis Posterior which was giving me a lot of pain. I managed to complete the marathon on Sunday, which if I'm honest I really didnt think I would have been able to do! The tape was comfortable, supportive, and overall helped me make it to the finish line. Once again thank you!"

Claire MacA - London

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you. I met you and had my knees taped for runners knee (by your American colleague) on Friday at the London Marathon Expo.
On Sunday I had a brief bit of knee pain for a few minutes then absolutely no pain at all for the rest of the marathon – additionally I didn’t seem to have any significant swelling and my knees feel fine now too. During training and previous events I’ve always suffered severe pain in both knees after about ten miles, and I even strained my ankle during a recent half marathon trying to compensate for the knee pain. This knee problem has seriously affected my training for the marathon and triathlons this year so I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to continue without pain from now on. Thank you again."

Ashley G - London

"As a Physiotherapist, I came across your product at the London Marathon Expo this year... I would like to express my interest in attending (one of your training courses) and wonder if you could keep me abreast of any plans/details when they go ahead.
I also had some tape applied for an ankle problem and would like to express my gratitude as it helped me complete the run."

Paula D - London

"It was great meeting you guys at the London Expo. You helped keep my body together round the Marathon! Great product!"
From Twitter: @liverbirdpie

"@KTTapeEurope made my knees hurt a lot less when I run and I luv the tape!!!"
From Twitter: @LCHughes10

"Dear Earle
The KT tape you applied to my upper back has worked wonders. My flight was slightly delayed. I suffer, as you know, from upper trapezius tightness and really battle with long haul flights, sitting in a single squashed position for 8 hours is not good.  For the first time in my life, I arrived at my destination pain free, relaxed and ready for my meeting. I will contact you on my return to book another visit. Pity I couldn't take you along to tape me for the return leg. Thanks again."