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What is KT Tape

Next Generation Sports Tape

KT Tape is a revolutionary sports medicine solution for treating and preventing common sports injuries such as ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more. Ultra-light, elastic, and strong, KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, & faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.

KT Tape is simple to use and easy to apply. Most common injury applications require only two strips of tape, and each box of tape comes with step-by-step instructions. Injury-specific video instructions (1-2 minutes long) for common applications are also available on the KT Tape website.

It’s designed for Professional athletes, Olympians, and active people world-wide who take health & fitness seriously and who refuse to stop training, playing, or living life active and free. The design is minimalist, the results are magic.


Technical Features

For years, trends in technical performance gear have generated lighter, faster, and stronger products that free athletes from heavy or bulky gear, providing them with greater range of motion and superior performance. This innovation trend now extends to athletic tape. KT Tape looks simple to the untrained eye, but its tensile strength and durability are the result of considerable engineering and precision in the design and manufacturing of kinesiology tape.

Key features:

UltraLight MicroFibers

KT Tape is made up of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes designed to provide durability and increased strength. These cotton sheathes are embedded into weft yarn to provide uni-directional elasticity- allowing the tape to stretch in length but preventing the tape from stretching in width. These fibers ensure KT Tape will provide stable support without restricting motion.

Matrix WeaveMatrix

The Matrix is a mechanical mesh weave designed to provide precisely 140% bilinear elasticity along the length of the tape, and no elasticity in the tape’s width. 140% elasticity is critical because it is the same elasticity as human skin. By matching the exact elasticity in skin, and stretching lengthwise, KT Tape flexes and moves comfortably with the body’s tissue, releasing and recoiling like a rubber-band.
KT Tape’s unique Matrix Mesh also allows for moisture release which is critical for comfort and wear-ability. The more porous the tape’s weave, the better it releases moisture caused by sweating or being worn in the water. The design provides more breathability and release of moisture so that it is comfortable to wear for up to five days at a time without itching, irritation or reactions with the skin.

Second-skin Adhesion

Go ahead- beat it up, swim with it, wear it on your feet during sand volleyball, or your 100 mile mud run. When it comes to medical adhesive, stronger is not always better. The key to medical adhesive is stick and release: the adhesive must stay on, no matter how punishing the environment, but release when it’s peeled off without causing pain and bleeding. The KT Tape product design team spent hundreds of hours in R & D developing the perfectly balanced adhesive- SecondSkin. weaveSecondSkin outperforms lesser quality adhesives in initial tackiness, shear, tensile, and peel strength. It is a latex-free adhesive that is applied in a specialized wave pattern on the back of the tape creating a gentle heat- activated bond to the skin.

The result is superior performance. KT Tape stays on longer, provides greater comfort when worn for 3-5 days, and greater support- especially in the shower or pool. And because SecondSkin is so thermally stable, it will work as well in the winter as it does the summer- so go ahead and clear the ice- because now you’re ready for the Polar Plunge.


How Does it Work?

KT Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, strong, external support that helps to prevent injury and speed recovery. KT Tape works differently for different injuries. KT Tape can lift and support the knee cap, holding it in place for Runner’s Knee. KT Tape can support sagging muscles along the arch of the foot, relieving the connective tissues for Plantar’s Fasciitis. And KT Tape can lift the stress off of shin splints to allow pain release and give the body a better opportunity to recover. Depending on how it is applied, KT Tape supports, enables, or restricts soft tissue and its movement. By stretching and recoiling like a rubber band, KT Tape augments tissue function and distributes loads away from inflamed or damaged muscles and tendons, thereby protecting tissues from further injury.
By applying KT Tape over affected tissue, athletes experience an external support which helps to prevent further injury and allows the body’s damaged tissue to rest and heal naturally despite continued activity. KT Tape also reduces inflammation and increases circulation which prevents muscle cramping and lactic acid buildup.
Kinesiology tape, treatments, and application techniques have been used by healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers for over thirty years. KT Tape is the first brand of kinesiology tape ever to be offered to consumers through local sporting goods retailers, and to be widely adopted by healthcare professionals and teams. The development of KT Tape was a highly collaborative effort that included Healthcare Professionals, our Medical Advisory Board, elite and everyday athletes, and our product design engineers. Together they developed the most advanced sports tape ever offered.
Not only is KT Tape the best tape out there, but it’s also the least expensive. Thanks to patented manufacturing processes, KT Tape is available for much less than any other brand. We are highly committed to continued innovation so watch for new colors, features, applications, and products in the near future.

Treatment for: knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, plantar fascia, plantar fasciitis, rotators cuff, rotator cuff, shins splints, tennis elbow, tendons, achilles, heel pain, elbow pain, ankle sprain, back pain, tendon pain, perineal tendonitis, groin strains, golfers elbow, calf strain, tibialis tendonitis